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Itihasa 8 - Manga

  • Manga
  • Completed

Wakako Mizuki

Itihasa 8

About this book

Takaya, Katsura, Kai was heading towards Fuji and they found a lodge in a nearby village. On the way to the village, they meet Tamia a young girl who was tormented by the villagers. Takaya had destroyed the indestructible demon gods which were trying to attack the village. Both Tamiya and Takaya are Mamanas and they were on the way to Fuji.

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Product Details

Author Wakako Mizuki
Genre Manga ,Fantasy ,Josei ,Sci-fi ,Young Adult ,Completed Series
Series Itihasa
Publisher Creek & River Co., Ltd
Available since July 2, 2015
Page count 195pages (*note)

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