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Keepers of Lost Time - Manga

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Miroslav Marić / Radovanovic

Keepers of Lost Time

About this book

Keepers of Lost Time is a Serbian science-fiction comics trilogy wrriten by Miroslav Mari? and drawn by Vujadin Radovanovi?. It is rightfully considered to be a significant work in the history of Serbian fantasy and comics. The first episode was published in 1990, the second in 2000, but it wasn't until 2012 that the trilogy finally saw its highly anticipated conclusion, published by Darkwood. This future-fantasy comic depicts two cultures ? one of high technology, the other ? tribal, in moments of their internal crises. They exist synchronously and interdependently, yet are in conflict due to their vastly different perceptions of the world and spiritual values.

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Product Details

Author Miroslav Marić
Illustrator Radovanovic
Genre Manga
Series Keepers of Lost Time
Publisher Europe Comics
Available since December 24, 2017
Page count 167pages (*note)

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