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Minari Endou


About this book

A high-energy love comedy between a yuri-loving girl and a super-sadistic boy in disguise! Super-sadistic verbal abuse magnificently flies forth, line after line!

After coming to the private Ame no Kisaki girls' school in search of her one true love, the second-year high schooler Miyamae Kanako finds out that one of the most beautiful girls in school, Shidou Mariya, is actually a cross-dressing boy. As a result, she spends her days under surveillance by Mariya and his maid, Matsurika. Then, during health exam day, Kanako has a surprise meeting with someone, and finds out the reason behind the secret! This is a yuri-girl X super-sadistic cross-dressing boy screwball school love comedy!

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Story and Art Minari Endou
Genre Manga ,Comedy ,Gender Bender ,School Life ,Seinen ,Young Adult ,Completed Series ,Anime
Publisher KADOKAWA
Available since February 24, 2015
Page count 165pages (*note)

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