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Sasameke, Vol. 2 - Manga

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Sasameke, Vol. 2

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For once, it looks like the Chikubushima High soccer team might have a shot at the national tournament (provided all their players actually show up to the matches)! Rakuichi may have the raw talent that makes him an INVALUABLE asset to this bizarre team, but his enormous ego interferes with his ability to make good decisions on the field. (Seriously, dude. Just pass the ball.) As Rakuichi continues to irritate the heck out of his teammates, the foundation of the team, Azuchi, is out of commission, and captain Matsuri is losing interest as the power of the principal's bribes wanes. With even tougher opponents to come, will the stars and supporting players of Chikubushima team manage to pull TOGETHER and secure victory?

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Created by RyujiGotsubo
Genre Manga ,Shounen ,Sports ,Comedy ,Slice of Life ,Completed Series
Series Sasameke
Publisher Yen Press
Available since June 30, 2016
Page count 444pages (*note)

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