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Where Night's Blackbird in His Sad Infamy Sings (Yaoi Manga), Volume 1 - Manga

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Where Night's Blackbird in His Sad Infamy Sings (Yaoi Manga), Volume 1

About this eBook

The person that recently sparks the interest of Seiji Aizawa is the beautiful warrior-like Rin Ugouda, a graduate student from Seiji's university who lives next door. With his happy-go-lucky manner, Seiji somewhat got acquainted with him, but one day Rin was suddenly coming out as a gay, even leaving Seiji with an unforgettable fierce kiss! From sex-friend to genuine love, “Where Night's Blackbird in His Sad Infamy Sings” is the famous Unohana's summerly sweet tales of adults' romance in the ancient capital of Kyoto that surely will capture your heart...

Release date:
May 14 (00:00 AM) PT

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Product Details

Author Unohana
Genre Manga ,Boys Love (Yaoi)
Series Where Night's Blackbird in His Sad Infamy Sings, Volume Colllection
Publisher MediBang
Available since May 14, 2019 (00:00 AM) PT / May 14, 2019 (16:00 PM) JST
Page count 0pages (*note)

Where Night's Blackbird in His Sad Infamy Sings, Volume Colllection: Read All Volumes

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