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Dragonar Academy Vol. 09 - Manga

  • Manga
  • Completed

RAN / Shiki Mizuchi

Dragonar Academy Vol. 09

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The Past Comes to Light At Last!

The Mother Dragon--a mysterious being even to the Dragonars she gifts with her offspring--has summoned Ash to Albion Forest. Accompanied by Eco and Sylvia, Ash obeys, hoping to learn more about Eco's nature: Why does Eco have such a human body? Will she be able to control her power? And how can he help her be happy again...? But answers about Eco's aren't all that await the trio in the forest. It's time for Ash to learn the truth about what happened to him and Sylvia there so many years ago!

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Product Details

Author RAN
Artist Shiki Mizuchi
Genre Manga ,Seinen ,Fantasy ,Comedy ,School Life ,Mature ,Ecchi ,Harem ,Romance ,Anime ,Completed Series
Series Dragonar Academy
Publisher Seven Seas Entertainment
Available since February 15, 2016
Page count 174pages (*note)

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