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Takasugi-San's Obento vol.1 - Manga

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Nozomi Yanahara

About this book

Harumi may be finished with graduate school, but he’s 31, unemployed, and not exactly living the dream! But when a beloved aunt passes away and leaves him in charge of his striking young cousin Kururi, Harumi suddenly feels his dull, depressing days take on an exciting new flavor…
Takasugi-san’s Obento serves up bittersweet memories and savory surprises in a perfectly-presented feast! Can a hapless post-grad help a severely shy junior chef come out of her shell? And will the unlikely duo learn to both cook and live in sweet harmony?

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Product Details

Author Nozomi Yanahara
Genre Manga ,Seinen ,Slice of Life ,Young Adult
Series Takasugi-San's Obento
Publisher DMP
Available since November 11, 2014
Page count 388pages (*note)

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