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[Complete Bundle Set 20% OFF] Gambling Apocalypse Kaiji Vol. 1-13 - Manga

  • Manga
  • Completed

Nobuyuki Fukumoto

[Complete Bundle Set 20% OFF] Gambling Apocalypse Kaiji Vol. 1-13

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「Limited Time Offer」20% OFF Complete Bundle Set!

“Naruto”, “One Piece”, “Bleach” - these Manga are categorized as “Shonen Manga” genre, a category primarily for boys or teenage youths in Japan. Did you know that there is a genre called, “Seinen Manga”?
“Seinen Manga” is a category primarily for adults. Unlike the world of “Shonen Manga” - the world of “victory”, “friendship”, and “effort” - it explores the “dark side”, and allows readers to experience the inner surface of a human being, like in a film. “KAIJI” is an authentic Manga for adults, and also a milestone of gamble Manga which have sold over 19 million copies in Japan!
“KAIJI” now enters the third chapter, “Pitch Black”! After Tonegawa's downfall, Endo with his misfortunes receives a large debtor list. On the list he finds Kaiji's photo - a face he'll never forget! While Endo goes out looking for him, Kaiji himself approaches Endo and begs to introduce him to gambling. However, Kaiji is captured on the spot, and is taken to a facility where he is forced to work like hell...!
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Product Details

Author Nobuyuki Fukumoto
Genre Manga ,Seinen ,Anime ,Drama ,Psychological ,Tragedy ,Completed Series
Series Gambling Apocalypse Kaiji
Publisher Fukumoto Production/highstone, Inc.
Available since December 4, 2017
Page count 0pages (*note)

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