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No. 6 Volume 6 - Manga

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Atsuko Asano / Hinoki Kino

No. 6 Volume 6

About this book

TO OBLITERATE NO. 6... THAT'S WHY I'VE COME. A series of strange incidents cast a pall over No. 6 as it prepares to celebrate its ""Holy Day."" Meanwhile, in the tunnels beneath the Correctional Facility, Shion and Rat meet with the mysterious ""Elder,"" who reveals the perverse origins of No. 6, and their connection to Rat's past. How will Rat react when Shion begins to touch his most secret scars? PRAISE FOR THE ANIME ? ""Sadly beautiful in places, hauntingly violent in others, No. 6 [is] worth your time."" - Anime News Network ? ""No. 6 is science fiction the way it's meant to be - boundary pushing... and completely spellbinding."" -Inside AX

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Author Atsuko Asano / Hinoki Kino
Genre Manga ,Sci-fi ,Shoujo ,Completed Series
Series No. 6
Publisher Kodansha Comics
Available since October 25, 2016
Page count 178pages (*note)

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