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SOTA'S KNIFE, Volume 19 - Manga

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Kei Honjo / Yuichiro Sueda

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Sota's childhood friend Junko quits Tomikyu and returns to Hokkaido, and a new face is hired to help at Tomikyu. After watching him work, a customer, a famous ace baseball pitcher, appears before Sota with a request. The pitcher is in a slump and can't find his confidence, but with Sota's encouragement, makes a comeback. Satsuki, as a young Okami has taken on the family business, gets a sudden arranged marriage proposal. Hananoi hatches a plan, and sends Sota to tell Satsuki about his feelings. Can Sota's confession stir Satsuki's heart?!

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Product Details

Manga Kei Honjo
Author Yuichiro Sueda
Genre Manga ,Drama ,Slice of Life ,Seinen ,Food
Series SOTA'S KNIFE, Volume Collections
Publisher Jitsugyo no Nihon Sha, Ltd.
Available since January 15, 2019
Page count 227pages (*note)

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