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The Scarlet Letter - Int'l Manga

  • Int'l Manga
  • Completed

Nathaniel Hawthorne / SunNeko Lee / Crystal S. Chan

The Scarlet Letter

About this book

Nathaniel Hawthorne's powerful tale of forbidden love, shame and revenge comes to life in Manga Classics: The Scarlet Letter. When Hester Prynne bears an illegitimate child she is introduced to the ugliness, complexity, and ultimately the strength of the human spirit. Though set in a Puritan community during the Colonial American period, the moral dilemmas of personal responsibility and consuming emotions of guilt, anger, loyalty and revenge are timeless.

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Product Details

Author Nathaniel Hawthorne
Artist SunNeko Lee
Adaptation Crystal S. Chan
Genre Int'l Manga ,Historical ,Romance ,Drama ,Completed Series
Series Manga Classics
Publisher UDON Entertainment and Morpheus Studios
Available since February 3, 2016
Page count 308pages (*note)

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