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Moonlight Meow Vol. 1 - Manga

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Bambi Eloriaga / Roland Amago

Moonlight Meow Vol. 1

About this book

A playboy, a curse, secret agents, and a whole lotta shapeshiftin'!

Womanizing Englishman and curry shop owner Gabriel Solo suffers from a catastrophic conundrum... Every night, he turns into a black cat, thanks to the peculiar curse placed upon him by an Indian feline goddess. Or so he thinks. For unknown to Gabe, he is not the only shape-shifter in town.
There exists a secret society of shapeshifters, known as therianthropes, whose lives are governed by strict rules; rules which bad boy Gabe must now live by...or pay the consequences. And as if that wasn't enough, a hunky therian hunter is hot on Gabe's heels!

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Product Details

Author Bambi Eloriaga
Artist Roland Amago
Genre Manga ,Fantasy
Series Moonlight Meow
Publisher Seven Seas Entertainment
Available since October 26, 2015
Page count 194pages (*note)

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