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[New Life+] Young Again in Another World: Volume 3 - Light Novels

  • Light Novel
  • Full Illust

Mine / Kabocha

About this book

After buying a haunted house, Renya had to deal with spectral forms, ghostly moans, and a very distressed Shion. Later, needing money, he got a job handling some young noble upstarts. Life isn't easy for a first-time homeowner in another world!

Life wasn't easy for first-time homebuyer Renya. His party needed a more permanent residence, so they went looking for a place they could buy. Though they found a house that looked rather promising, there was one caveat: it was said to be haunted. Renya, not one to be deterred by mere superstition, decided that a visit in person was in order. So, he and Shion went to take a look. Cue spectral forms, ghostly moans, and the loud wailing of a very distressed Shion. After much commotion, Renya eventually managed to settle his party down in their new house.
His new status as a homeowner came at a cost though. He was now broke and carrying a mortgage. Just as his need for money was getting desperate, he received a job offer. Some young noble upstarts were causing trouble at the Adventurers School, and someone needed to go put them in their place.
Renya cracked his knuckles. A chance to make money and dish out some karmic justice while he was at it? How could he refuse?

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