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My Little Sister Can Read Kanji: Volume 2 - Light Novels

  • Light Novel
  • Full Illust

Takashi Kajii / Halki Minamura

My Little Sister Can Read Kanji: Volume 2

About this book

Japan was the land of moe. That was, before Gin travelled to the past and changed the future! Now he and his little sisters must go back and fix history to its right path!

23rd century Japan... a land overflowing with moe, where little sister vs big sister vs childhood friend are the major questions of society... Or at least it was, until Gin and his sisters somehow changed the future! Now the prime minister is some old guy with glasses and all the signs are written in indecipherable kanji! This is bad! There's got to be some way to change the future back to the way it should be!

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Product Details

Author Takashi Kajii
Artist Halki Minamura
Genre Light Novels ,Full-size Illustration ,Comedy ,School Life ,Harem ,Romance
Series My Little Sister Can Read Kanji
Publisher J-Novel Club
Available since March 8, 2017
Page count 187pages (*note)

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