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Ekiben Hitoritabi, Vol.1 - Manga

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Kan Sakurai / Jun Hayase

Ekiben Hitoritabi, Vol.1

About this book

Most people would be concerned about getting a ticket to go around the country by rail, alone, for their wedding anniversary, with their significant other calling it a special break from them - but not Daisuke Nakahara. For this thirty-five year old train and ekiben (train station box lunch) enthusiast, a trip around Japan - spotlighting each region's seasonal delicacies - is the present of his dreams, with each stop - and tasty titbit - telling a story about the region's food and its history. The first stop in his trip? Kyushu, by special express sleeper train! And from there, the track less travelled.

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Author Kan Sakurai / Jun Hayase
Genre Manga ,Seinen ,Slice of Life
Series Ekiben Hitoritabi
Publisher Futabasha
Available since June 2, 2015
Page count 218pages (*note)

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