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The Blacksheep's Arranged Marriage - Manga

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Karen Toller Whittenburg / Reiko Kishida

The Blacksheep's Arranged Marriage

About this book

Thea is the ugly duckling of high society. Shy by nature, Thea has never had a chance to blossom from under her grandmother’s thumb. Thea has admired Peter Braddock for years, and agrees to let him escort her to a ball one night, but the two of them get soaked in a sudden downpour on the way home. She lets him in to change and dry off, but when her grandmother sees the two of them undressed in her room, she jumps to conclusions and sets in motion a huge scandal that will shake both of their families to the core!

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Product Details

Author Karen Toller Whittenburg
Artist Reiko Kishida
Genre Manga ,Harlequin (Comics)
Series Billion-Dollar Braddocks
Publisher Harlequin
Available since October 24, 2016
Page count 129pages (*note)

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