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The secretary and the Boss's virginity ~ delicate underwear~, Chapter 4 - Manga

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Suguru Takeura

About this book

”Did you get this wet and excited from seeing these underwear?” My secretary says while stirring my insides. Why do I have to do this even though I’m a virgin?!
My father passed away and I took over the company and I became the boss.
But my first job is to be an underwear model?! I have to show myself like I want the men from the other company to eat me. And... Kanzaki... he didn't save me, and he did XX?!

  • Please be notified that this is a chapter, not a volume of the series.

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Product Details

Author Suguru Takeura
Genre Manga ,Media Do ,Chapter Release
Series The secretary and the Boss's virginity ~ delicate underwear…
Publisher Love Pop
Available since December 12, 2017
Page count 22pages (*note)

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