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[Complete Bundle Set 20% OFF] Tokyo Tarareba Girls Vol. 1-9 - Manga

  • Manga
  • Completed

Akiko Higashimura

[Complete Bundle Set 20% OFF] Tokyo Tarareba Girls Vol. 1-9

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「Limited Time Offer」20% OFF Complete Bundle Set!

“I spent all my time wondering 'what if,' then one day I woke up and I was 33.” She's not that bad-looking, but before she knew it, Rinko was thirty-something and single. She wants to be married by the time the Tokyo Olympics roll around in six years, but...that might be easier said than done! The new series by Akiko Higashimura erupts with sharp opinions on girls and tons of laughs!!
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Product Details

Author Akiko Higashimura
Genre Manga ,Bundle Set ,Completed Series
Series Tokyo Tarareba Girls
Publisher Kodansha Comics
Available since February 1, 2018
Page count 0pages (*note)

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