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Final Fantasy Lost Stranger, Vol. 1 - Manga

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Hazuki Minase / Itsuki Kameya

About this eBook

Scoring a job at Square Enix, Sasaki Shogo's dream of producing a Final Fantasy game finally seems within his grasp! But after he starts, he quickly discovers that the work has nothing to do with his favorite franchise at all... Disillusioned, his enthusiasm for FF begins waning despite his sister / co-worker Yuko's attempts to lift his spirits. Their conversation is cut short, though, when a runaway truck suddenly careens toward the two of them...! When Shogo comes to, the first thing he sees is...a Moogle?! Wait, was that a Cure spell? And chocobos...?! Hurled into a Final Fantasy world unbound to any particular installment, how will an uber-fan like Shogo survive?!

  • Final Fantasy Lost Stranger, Vol. 1 preview_1
  • Final Fantasy Lost Stranger, Vol. 1 preview_2
  • Final Fantasy Lost Stranger, Vol. 1 preview_3

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    Product Details

    By (author) Hazuki Minase
    By (artist) Itsuki Kameya
    Genre Manga ,Shounen ,Fantasy ,Isekai (Different World) ,Drama
    Series Final Fantasy Lost Stranger
    Publisher Yen Press
    Available since August 28, 2018
    Page count 228pages (*note)
    Chapters included in this volume Final Fantasy Lost Stranger, Chapter 1
    Final Fantasy Lost Stranger, Chapter 2
    Final Fantasy Lost Stranger, Chapter 3

    Final Fantasy Lost Stranger: Read All Volumes

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