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Tebori - Volume 2 - Int'l Manga

  • Int'l Manga

Marcial Toledano / Jose Manuel Robledo

Tebori - Volume 2

About this book

In order to escape his violent past as an ex-yakuza gang member, Yoshi becomes the apprentice of one of Japan's greatest tattoo artists. But rather than escaping the yakuza, he finds himself constantly surrounded by them in the tattoo parlor. He then discovers that the sexy young woman he's just met has a tattoo of a strange, winged creature on her back. But Yoshi already knows this design, because it was he that came up with it for one of the yakuza chiefs. What does this mean? And what's this girl's connection to the yakuza? Little by little, Yoshi discovers a dark back-story, far worse than anything he could ever have imagined.

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Product Details

Illustrator Marcial Toledano
Author Jose Manuel Robledo
Genre Int'l Manga
Series Tebori
Publisher Europe Comics
Available since August 13, 2017
Page count 52pages (*note)

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