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Ghost Talkers Daydream Volume 5 - Manga

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Saki Okuse

Ghost Talkers Daydream Volume 5

About this book

Saiki Misaki, our albino dominatrix necromancer hero, can't seem to get away from dead people. Even while on vacation! Far from home, resting at a spa resort, Misaki still seems to be a magnet for tragic stories and creepy scenes. And sometimes the creepy stuff just comes looking for her. In volume five of Ghost Talker's Daydream, Misaki's partner from back home is racing to find her with a few colorful characters in tow, namely the young stalker who's obsessed with Misaki, and a young girl who is also a budding necromancer.

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Creator Saki Okuse
Genre Manga ,Drama ,Horror ,Mystery ,Shounen ,Supernatural ,Mature ,Anime
Series Ghost Talkers Daydream
Publisher Dark Horse Comics
Available since April 15, 2015
Page count 237pages (*note)

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