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Pico Bogue - Volume 1 - Life and Me - Int'l Manga

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Dominique Roques / Alexis Dormal

Pico Bogue - Volume 1 - Life and Me

About this book

Pico Bogue is the eldest child of a normal family, and when we say 'normal', we mean unique, quirky and occasionally just stark raving mad! Along with his little sister Anna, Pico goes through life with as many certainties as he has questions, making the kind of pertinent observations that only children are capable of. Sometimes challenging, always loveable, there's no end to Pico's mischief, much to the amusement, exasperation and surprise of his long-suffering parents!

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Product Details

Author Dominique Roques
Illustrator Alexis Dormal
Genre Int'l Manga
Series Pico Bogue
Publisher Europe Comics
Available since August 20, 2017
Page count 50pages (*note)

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