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Tsubasa Omnibus 9 - Manga

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Tsubasa Omnibus 9

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LIFE WISH Syaoran reveals to his companions the heavy price he paid to be able to protect Sakura, one with consequences for many people, and his burden of guilt. As the time for both Syaoran and FeiWang’s wishes to come true arrives, the travelers must face off against FeiWang, all the magic he can summon against them, and Syaoran’s double. In this battle cut off from time, even the witch Yuko’s help may not be enough. This omnibus edition includes volumes 2526 of Tsubasa.

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Author CLAMP
Genre Manga ,Fantasy ,Adventure ,Supernatural ,Romance ,Magic ,Completed Series
Series Tsubasa Omnibus
Publisher Kodansha Comics
Available since October 25, 2016
Page count 386pages (*note)

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