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Rose Guns Days Season 3, Vol. 1 - Manga

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Ryukishi07 / You Omura

Rose Guns Days Season 3, Vol. 1

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Everyone is searching for a reason.
1949, Post-war Tokyo-As the Japanese become more of a minority in their own homeland, they continue to place their hope for the future in Primavera's hands. Alan and Keith have returned from war to find Tokyo very different from the one of their memories. Both may be maintaining high spirits, but they struggle to find their reason to keep fighting for a better future without being held back by bitterness. Will Primavera hold the answer for Alan and Keith, as well as the Japanese people?

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By (author) Ryukishi07
By (artist) You Omura
Genre Manga ,Shounen ,Historical ,Action ,Romance ,Drama ,Shoujo
Series Rose Guns Days Season 3
Publisher Yen Press
Available since September 18, 2017
Page count 228pages (*note)

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