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Fujiko Kosumi

About this book

Witness the fall of the last samurai which went beyond Shojo Manga.

After the Meiji Restoration, the Meiji government allowed the samurai to continue to bear swords. This practice has continued to present day Tokyo. However, Reiji's clever schemes led to the enactment of the Special Sword Abolishment Edict, which gives only the True Sword Bearers the right to carry swords. To stop Reiji's plots, the students of the famous high school for sword-bearers, Shiseikan, have barricaded themselves inside the closed school and are resisting Reiji's schemes. When the situation was looking completely hopeless, a recently wounded Jin Saito returned to the school. For some reason, he started the Battle for Shiseikan involving him, Hidehito Shikimori, the Souma brothers, Student Body President Minamoto, Tasuku Serizawa, and Haruma Kokonoe!

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Product Details

Story and Art Fujiko Kosumi
Genre Manga ,Action ,Comedy ,School Life ,Shoujo ,Completed Series
Publisher KADOKAWA
Available since February 11, 2015
Page count 179pages (*note)

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