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While Kanade's deeply moved after performing her very first solo, a girl she's never met before comes to talk to her. The girl who says one provocative thing after the other turns out to be Sakura Kurisu, a top dancer in the junior age group competitions. This classical ballet manga will tell you the story of the girls' friendships and fights on their journey heading towards their dream!!

  • LA MAGNIFIQUE GRANDE SCENE, Volume 2 preview_1
  • LA MAGNIFIQUE GRANDE SCENE, Volume 2 preview_2
  • LA MAGNIFIQUE GRANDE SCENE, Volume 2 preview_3

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Product Details

Author Cuvie
Genre Manga ,Drama ,Shounen ,Slice of Life ,Sports
Series LA MAGNIFIQUE GRANDE SCENE, Volume Collections
Publisher Akita Publishing Co.,Ltd.
Available since July 24, 2018
Page count 196pages (*note)

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