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Lethal Lullaby - Volume 1 - Telenko's Heart - Manga

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Ralph Meyer / Tome

Lethal Lullaby - Volume 1 - Telenko's Heart

About this book

Telenko, a New York taxi driver, spends his days ferrying around the dregs of society in one of the city's roughest neighborhoods. He has an obsessive fear of dying like a guy he saw in a film, who'd hear his heart stop every 15 beats.
Because Telenko himself has a tired heart. He has a minor case of tachycardia and the odd extra systole, not helped by his stressful job and the constant abuse from his wheelchair-bound wife, Martha: ""You don't divorce a wife in a wheelchair, Telenko!""
She'll get what's coming to her, no doubt. Just like that slut who just got in his taxi who's fooling around with some other guy right under her decrepit old husband's nose.
So he decides to kill Martha.
But you gotta have some guts to kill your wife in cold blood. Especially when she's got a nasty surprise in store...

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Product Details

Illustrator Ralph Meyer
Author Tome
Genre Manga ,Completed Series
Series Lethal Lullaby
Publisher Europe Comics
Available since January 13, 2018
Page count 53pages (*note)

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