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COBRA: God's Eyes - Manga

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Buichi Terasawa

COBRA: God's Eyes

About this book

An Invitation was sent to Cobra. It was from Madam Delores who had the royal blood of Venus running through her veins. There was two million Galaxy dollars inside the invitation. At the same time, Cobra’s life was threatened by Murdoch. Cobra had gotten the Psychogun cracked after using it to try to avoid the assassination. There was only one person in the universe that could fix the Psychogun. Cobra heads towards Earth in order to find the creator of the Psychogun. "COBRA" a Japanese comic which was a hit all over the world, now comes in e-book, full color CG edition.
* The series is comprised in 15 volumes. This is volume Fifteen of the COBRA series.

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Product Details

Author Buichi Terasawa
Genre Manga ,Action ,Adventure ,Sci-fi ,Mature ,Completed Series ,Anime
Series COBRA(Creek & River Co., Ltd)
Publisher Creek & River Co., Ltd
Available since July 9, 2015
Page count 200pages (*note)

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