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Whether It Rains or Shines Tomorrow - Light Novels

  • Light Novel
  • Completed

Madoka Harumi / Nacht / Chelsea Inaba and more

Whether It Rains or Shines Tomorrow

About this book

This book is the English translation of a Japanese light novella. ----- Whether it Rains or Shines Tomorrow When Itsuko woke up in the health room after fainting from her UV ray allergy, the person looking after her was none other than her popular classmate, Miyano the sun harbinger. “If you’re feeling better…will you go with me to the summer festival the day after tomorrow?” Slightly nostalgic and mysterious, this is a pure love story for young adults.

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Product Details

Author Madoka Harumi
Illustrator Nacht
Translator Chelsea Inaba / Yoshino Kazuki
et al. Conyac / Taiyo Fujii
Genre Light Novels ,Completed Series ,Romance ,Drama
Series impress QuickBooks
Publisher Impress Corporation
Available since March 25, 2015
Page count 88pages (*note)

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