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Itihasa 11 - Manga

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Wakako Mizuki

Itihasa 11

About this book

After Takaya had entered the woods, he is cut by a figure that resembled Toko.
Takya could not strike back and was badly injured. After arriving at Fuji, Takaya meets up with Amane and Kusuto and was ordered to kill the soldiers of the demon gods. Meanwhile, Katsura was resting near the coastlines of Fuji. There the soldiers of Kiyu appeared. While the battle occurs, will fate bring Katsura and Aohiko togerther!?

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Author Wakako Mizuki
Genre Manga ,Fantasy ,Josei ,Sci-fi ,Young Adult ,Completed Series
Series Itihasa
Publisher Creek & River Co., Ltd
Available since July 2, 2015
Page count 230pages (*note)

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