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Tale of the Waning Moon, Vol. 3 - Manga

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Tale of the Waning Moon, Vol. 3

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Bewitched by a spell that makes him popular to individuals of the same sex (!!) and leads him to chase his enchanter - the moon spirit Ixto - the chagrined Ryuka persecutes himself for being unable to make his body do what he wants it to! Instead, his convoluted romance with Ixto rollicks to the next level! The two play at being lovers to obtain a treasure that just might help them break the curse that further complicates the relationship between Aldin and Ral, whose master-servant love is already troubled by the pair's difference in status! How far will the merry band of misfits have to go to make sure that love prevails?!

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Created by HyoutaFujiyama
Genre Manga ,Boys Love (Yaoi) ,Fantasy ,Comedy ,Completed Series
Series Tale of the Waning Moon
Publisher Yen Press
Available since August 18, 2016
Page count 222pages (*note)

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