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To Your Eternity Volume 7 - Manga

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Yoshitoki Oima

About this eBook

After Pioran's death, Fushi lives alone on a desert island. One day, a girl named Hisame--a descendant of a former enemy--arrives to lead Fushi to a village once destroyed by Nokkers. When Fushi reenters society, he learns he has become central to the legend of the Immortal, whom some seek, and others fear...

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    Product Details

    Author Yoshitoki Oima
    Genre Manga ,Adventure ,Drama ,Fantasy ,Romance ,Shounen ,KC Simulpub
    Series To Your Eternity
    Publisher Kodansha Comics
    Available since October 9, 2018
    Page count 194pages (*note)
    Chapters included in this volume To Your Eternity, Chapter 55
    To Your Eternity, Chapter 56
    To Your Eternity, Chapter 57
    To Your Eternity, Chapter 58
    To Your Eternity, Chapter 59
    To Your Eternity, Chapter 60
    To Your Eternity, Chapter 61
    To Your Eternity, Chapter 62
    To Your Eternity, Chapter 63
    To Your Eternity, Chapter 64

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