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The Folies Bergere - Int'l Manga

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Francis Porcel / Zidrou

The Folies Bergere

About this book

We're right in the middle of World War I, deep in the trenches. The soldiers are confronted by unimaginable suffering and violent death on a daily basis. Considered as nothing more than cannon fodder by their superiors, they try desperately to survive. Partly as an act of defiance in the face of hardship, partly as the ultimate irony, the soldiers nickname their regiment after the famous Parisian cabaret club 'Folies Bergere'. They laugh and joke, they write, they draw, they fight, they die in appalling circumstances, they kill themselves, they lose their minds. And then one of their number is sentenced to death by firing squad... and miraculously survives...

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Illustrator Francis Porcel
Author Zidrou
Genre Int'l Manga
Series The Folies Bergere
Publisher Europe Comics
Available since July 30, 2017
Page count 99pages (*note)

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