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Seirei Gensouki: Spirit Chronicles Volume 2 - Light Novels

  • Light Novel

Yuri Kitayama / Riv

Seirei Gensouki: Spirit Chronicles Volume 2

About this book

A heartwarming journey... with a werefox girl?!

After running away from the Kingdom of Beltrum, Rio begins a journey toward his ancestral lands in the east. On his way there, he meets Latifa -- a werefox girl enslaved by nobles and trained to become an assassin... and Rio is her target! Rio manages to defeat her in combat, and releases the enchanted collar binding her to her owners. But Latifa, unsure of what to do with her newfound freedom, demands to accompany Rio on his travels. The two meet new friends and foes along the way, with an old foe returning as well...

Release date:
Nov 15th

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JP ¥825

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Product Details

Author Yuri Kitayama
Artist Riv
Genre Light Novels ,Action ,Drama ,Adventure ,Fantasy ,Romance ,Shounen ,Isekai (Different World) ,Magic
Series Seirei Gensouki
Publisher J-Novel Club
Available since November 15, 2018
Page count 0pages (*note)

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