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Today's Cerberus, Vol. 9 - Manga

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Ato Sakurai

About this book

Chiaki may have gained a soul vessel, but that doesn't mean all his problems are solved. When his childhood friend Minnie returns (now with the power to fight monsters?!), she throws things into chaos. With Minnie's love confession out on the table, Roze, Hinata, and Shirogane are forced to consider their own feelings for Chiaki...

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Product Details

By (author) Ato Sakurai
Genre Manga ,Comedy ,Supernatural ,Harem ,Romance
Series Today's Cerberus
Publisher Yen Press
Available since June 26, 2018
Page count 198pages (*note)
Chapters included in this volume Today's Cerberus, Chapter 40
Today's Cerberus, Chapter 41
Today's Cerberus, Chapter 42
Today's Cerberus, Chapter 43
Today's Cerberus, Chapter 44

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