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Serizawa’s Ambition 2 - Manga

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Eijiro Sawamoto

Serizawa’s Ambition 2

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The first commander of the famed Shinsengumi samurai police force, Serizawa Kamo has seemingly gone mad in pursuing his own agenda during the final days of the shogunate era. When not trading blows with the likes of Sakamoto Ryoma, Nakaoka Shintaro and other loyal servants of the state, Serizawa indulges himself in the earthly pleasures of, women, sake, and money. Forced to plot an assassination against him are Kondo Isamu, Hijikata Toshizo and Okita Soji - members of the same Shinsengumi unit. Enter the world of these legendary heroes as they each struggle to come to terms with the tumultuous period of transition between the long-standing rule of the Edo shogunate and the new Meiji era.

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Author Eijiro Sawamoto
Genre Manga ,Completed Series ,Shounen ,Historical
Series Serizawa’s Ambition
Publisher G2Comix (English)
Available since March 17, 2016
Page count 25pages (*note)

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