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COBRA: Legend of Mandrad - Manga

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Buichi Terasawa

COBRA: Legend of Mandrad

About this book

At the bar where Bonnie worked at, a woman was waiting for Cobra. Her name was Elizabeth Tucker. Taking hostage of Secret, she offered a job to Cobra.The job was go to Nazca and collect the seeds of the plant called Mandrad.""Mandrad"",""Gold and Diamonds"",""Wandering Beauties"" are featured in this episode! Don't miss it!""COBRA"" a Japanese comic which was a hit all over the world, now comes in e-book,full color CG edition.* The series is comprised in 15 volumes (Schedule to be sequentially released). This is volume three of the COBRA series.

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Author Buichi Terasawa
Genre Manga ,Action ,Adventure ,Sci-fi ,Mature ,Completed Series ,Anime
Series COBRA(Creek & River Co., Ltd)
Publisher Creek & River Co., Ltd
Available since July 2, 2015
Page count 188pages (*note)

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