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Valentine - Volume 1 - Int'l Manga

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Vanyda / Vanyda

About this book

Valentine is a secondary-school student like many others. Her daily life is filled with all the upheavals and self-questioning of adolescence. Self-conscious, she tries to assert herself within a group in which she is ""the shy one"". She spends most of her time with her girlfriends, at school or at parties on the weekend. She also tries desperately to get the attention of Felix, the boy she's in love with ? and who has no idea she exists. To make things worse, he's in the ""rival"" class to her own... Little by little, this young woman learns to express herself and find her place in the cruel and treacherous world of adolescence, from MP3 players and Japanese mangas, to her first parties and her first whiskey and Coke.

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Product Details

Illustrator Vanyda
Author Vanyda
Genre Int'l Manga
Series Valentine
Publisher Europe Comics
Available since July 24, 2017
Page count 44pages (*note)

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