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Saki, Vol. 15 - Manga

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Ritz Kobayashi

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Kiyosumi High School's one match away from reaching finals at the 71st National High School Mahjong Tournament, and it's up to Saki to bring it home. She's already familiar with how strong Himematsu's Kyoko can be, but her other two opponents, Rinkai's Nelly Virsaladze and Usuzan's Sawaya Shihihara, are downright frightening! Mysterious forces are at work as the semifinals reach their climax...!

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Product Details

By (author) Ritz Kobayashi
Genre Manga ,TV Drama/Live-Action ,School Life ,Ecchi ,Anime ,Sports ,Drama
Series Saki
Publisher Yen Press
Available since May 29, 2018
Page count 204pages (*note)

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