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INVESTOR-Z (5) - Manga

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Norifusa Mita

About this book

After successfully selling the Investment Club’s treasures and gaining 1.5 billion yen, Zaizen Takashi embarks on his next big adventure: discovering the roots of the Dojuku Academy Investment Club and the Zaizen family. In order to do accomplish this task, Takashi opens the first club captain’s notebook.“February 1904. Outbreak of the Russo-Japanese War.” Inside the first captain’s notebook is a history of Japan’s economy from the Meiji Period to the Heisei Period! Before he realizes it, Takashi is catapulted back in time to the Meiji Period Dojuku Academy, with a student who looks exactly like him standing right before his eyes. His name? Tatsugoro… Zaizen!Mita’s latest installment to Investor Z promises one of the biggest adventures yet, with the main stage set in the Meiji Period. “Back to the Future?” More like “Back to Meiji!”

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Product Details

Author Norifusa Mita
Genre Manga ,Seinen ,Drama
Series INVESTOR-Z (Cork, Inc.)
Publisher Cork, Inc.
Available since March 22, 2016
Page count 203pages (*note)

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