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Ghost Money - Volume 1 - The Lady from Dubai - Manga

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Thierry Smolderen / Dominique Bertail

Ghost Money - Volume 1 - The Lady from Dubai

About this book

It's the year 2020. Lindsey finds herself in the midst of a panicking crowd following a bomb attack on a protest against the newly elected 'neocon' party. Just as she's about to be crushed, an elegant hand stretches down and saves her from her fate. The hand belongs to Chamza, an elusive and beautiful young billionaire who soon whisks Lindsey into her world of jet-setting from country to country, frequenting the trendiest parties and the most talked-about exhibitions. But there's a lot that remains unsaid about this mysterious young woman, starting with where her money comes from. Kendricks, a veteran of the war on terror of the 2000s, thinks he's found out. This is a secret that could take international politics into a whole new playing field. It also makes Chamza a key component in the American government's surveillance and intelligence schemes. But what they don't know yet is that 'the lady from Dubai' has the means to defend herself. Or if not, to fight back.

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Product Details

Author Thierry Smolderen
Illustrator Dominique Bertail
Genre Manga
Series Ghost Money
Publisher Europe Comics
Available since December 10, 2017
Page count 60pages (*note)

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