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Bearskin - Manga

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Zidrou / Oriol


About this book

""Bearskin"" takes us on a trip to modern day Italy and then all the way to the United States of the late 1930s. Every day, Amadeo bikes up the hill from his small hometown on a beautiful island off the coast of Italy to read the daily horoscope to Don Palermo. Little does he know that this blind and powerless old man with a cane in his hand used to be a bear tamer, not to mention his later shenanigans as the right-hand man of a powerful mafia boss. A highly moving story of love, vengeance and cowardice.

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Author Zidrou
Illustrator Oriol
Genre Manga
Series Bearskin
Publisher Europe Comics
Available since October 15, 2017
Page count 66pages (*note)

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