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The Severing Crime Edge 8 - Manga

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Tatsuhiko Hikagi

The Severing Crime Edge 8

About this book

The anticipated eighth volume of the action-packed love story of the Killing Goods!

""Kill the Hair Queen, and your wish will come true."" The top witch at Gossip has thrown her hat into the ring of this murder game, which has been unfolding among the users of Killing Goods. What influence will this have on Kiri, who is finally home for his summer vacation? The anticipated eighth volume delves into the mystery of the Hair Queen!

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Product Details

Story and Art Tatsuhiko Hikagi
Genre Manga ,Fantasy ,Mystery ,Romance ,Seinen ,Anime ,Completed Series
Series The Severing Crime Edge
Publisher KADOKAWA
Available since February 24, 2015
Page count 193pages (*note)

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