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In This Corner of the World Vol. 3 - Manga

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Fumiyo Kouno

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In This Corner of the World Vol. 3

About this book

1940s Hiroshima. Suzu, a young bride, leaves her home to join her new husband, a member of the Japanese navy, at a military base in the port city of Kure. Confronted with the challenges of a new life, Suzu must also come to grips with a world at war and her beautiful home collapsing around her. Unwilling to give up hope, Suzu holds on to happiness to persevere through the trials of war. (Book 3/3)

Release date:
Oct 31st

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JP ¥1,000 (+tax when purchased in Japan)

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Product Details

Author/Artist Fumiyo Kouno
Genre Manga ,Completed Series ,Historical ,Anime ,Slice of Life ,Drama
Series In This Corner of the World
Publisher Seven Seas Entertainment
Available since October 31, 2017
Page count 0pages (*note)

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