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Species Domain Vol. 3 - Manga

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Shunsuke Noro

Species Domain Vol. 3

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The newest attendee of the Creativ Club isn't a human, elf, or dwarf--it's a robot maid. Her presence stirs up quite the ruckus, especially with the maid-loving Tanaka. But the reaction the robot gets out of him is nothing compared to his shock upon seeing Dowa-chan after she gets a makeover. Tanaka's not the only one in for a surprise, though: Kazamori's finally revealing the friendly underside of her tsundere-nature. Can Hanei handle the warm fuzzies when the elf asks her to sleep over?

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Author/Artist Shunsuke Noro
Genre Manga ,Comedy ,School Life ,Supernatural ,Romance
Series Species Domain
Publisher Seven Seas Entertainment
Available since October 26, 2017
Page count 168pages (*note)

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