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Ken Games - Volume 3 - Scissors - Manga

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Marcial Toledano / Jose Manuel Robledo

Ken Games - Volume 3 - Scissors

About this book

This third album concludes the Machiavellian trilogy in which every character seems to have pretty good (or bad) reasons to hide the truth from those they love. This time, it's Anne we're focusing on. She talks us through her childhood, her relationship with the enigmatic but dangerous Louviers, the first steps towards becoming an assassin, and the strange crossovers between writing and killing. Meanwhile, TJ goes off the rails after his discovery of Anne's true identity at a decisive moment in their relationship, and Rock achieves his greatest victory, but it's drenched in tragedy. As Anne says, ""sometimes you have to get your hands dirty to get what you want.""

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Illustrator Marcial Toledano
Author Jose Manuel Robledo
Genre Manga
Series Ken Games
Publisher Europe Comics
Available since December 24, 2017
Page count 57pages (*note)

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