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Soda - Volume 2 - God Only Knows - Int'l Manga

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Tome / Gazzotti

Soda - Volume 2 - God Only Knows

About this book

Soda's day is off to rather a bad start. First he had that damn dream, then there was the problem with the lift. And then he left his gun on top of the fridge. It wouldn't take much for his mother to find it, and then promptly go into cardiac arrest. The poor lady still believes her son's a pastor. Oh and then he was in that car chase, all because of that good-for-nothing Jason Flea. Why does he do it? God only knows.

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Product Details

Author Tome
Illustrator Gazzotti
Genre Int'l Manga
Series Soda
Publisher Europe Comics
Available since August 13, 2017
Page count 48pages (*note)

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