2. BOOK☆WALKER Membership Program

BOOK☆WALKER Membership Program

Our membership program offers a special benefit for all eBook and audiobook lovers! Each purchase of the last 6 month counts towards your next membership rank update (membership rank is updated once a month).
Reach higher rank based on your monthly purchase!

How your rank is determined

Your membership rank is determined depending on your total purchase amount of the last 6 months. The membership rank calculation is based on USD (US Dollar) excluding tax, in PT (Pacific Time).

(Example) Your rank for December


How much points will I earn?

Your point-back rate is determined by your current membership rank.
Membership Rank Purchase amount (Last 6 month) Point-Back Rate
ApprenticeApprentice 59.99 USD and under 1%
NoviceNovice 60 USD 3%
ExplorerExplorer 200 USD 5%
GuardianGuardian 400 USD 10%
SageSage 800 USD 15%
LegendLegend Lifetime Purchase: 75,000 USD 16%

Rules & Precautions


  • 1 point is worth 1 USD (US Dollar) and can be used with your next purchase on BOOK☆WALKER Global (global.bookwalker.jp)
    *Points can not be used on the Japan Store (bookwalker.jp).
  • You will start with the "Apprentice" rank after creating a BOOK☆WALKER Global account.
  • Your membership rank (excluding "Legend") is determined by your total USD purchase amount (excluding tax/coupon discount) of the preceding 6 months (Pacific Time/PT) on BOOK☆WALKER Global (global.bookwalker.jp).
    *The rank calculation's closing date may differ from your local time.
  • All payment methods (including points) are valid for rank calculation.
  • Rules for the membership program, point-back rate based on membership rank, and related services are subject to change without prior notice.
  • Ranks and conditions of the membership program of the Japan Store (bookwalker.jp) are seperated from the Global Store (https://global.bookwalker.jp).

2:Granted Points

  • Points based on your membership rank will expire at the end of the 5th month (Pacific Time/PT) from when they have been granted.
    *Example: Granted in April, 2024 → Valid until the end of September, 2024 (Pacific Time/PT). *The expiration date may differ from your local time.
  • For some campaigns, granted points expire at the end of the 5th month (Pacific Time/PT) from the promotion starting date.

3:Legend Rank

  • Once you have reached the "Legend" rank, you will continue to keep the rank regardless of your future purchases unless you cancel your BOOK☆WALKER membership/account.
  • Lifetime purchase amount needed to reach the "Legend" rank refers to your total purchase amount (excluding tax/after applying coupon) on the BOOK☆WALKER Global Store.
    *As for members who have been using our service before Mar.27 2024, the total amount of purchase since 2011 on both Global and Japan store will be reflected to the total life-time purchase amount."
  • Conditions for achieving the "Legend" rank are subject to change without prior notice.
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