2. JNC Original Light Novel Contest 2024 Winner Announcement

JNC Original Light Novel Contest. And the Winners are... Stay tuned for the BOOK☆WALKER Prize! JNC Original Light Novel Contest. And the Winners are... Stay tuned for the BOOK☆WALKER Prize!


The Adorable Dungeon Master



Lucia Morales is 22 years old. One day a turf war between rival gangs brings tragedy, but that's only the beginning. Lucia is reborn in another world as a character she created in a game, and she's super cute!

The title will be released first on BOOK☆WALKER! The title will be released first on BOOK☆WALKER!

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Grand Prize Grand Prize

ATLAS: Her, the Combatant, and Him, the Hero



When "Hero" is just another job, who fights for those who can't pay up? For those of the Substrata, born beneath the notice of the well-to-do, there's only one place that's always hiring. Welcome to Secret Society ATLAS, Combatants. Try not to die.

First Prize First Prize

Beautiful Daydream



I am me. I love girls. Maybe that’s a weird way to start things off, but it’s core to my identity. It’s who I am. There’s no better place to start if you’re talking about my story. A story about stories. A story about a single step.

An Unruly Summon



An embattled king summons an otherworldly hero to defend his starving kingdom from a demonic invasion. Alas for him, the summoned hero seems rather determined to ignore his carefully prepared script, spoiling the plans of humans and demons alike.

Clockwork Clues: When Death Comes Ticking

Author:Laura M. Drake


Kyra can Slip through time but can’t escape her controlling father and arranged marriage. After discovering a murder, she defies her upbringing and uses her power to solve the mystery alongside a dashing detective and a socially inept server bot.

Runner Up Prize Runner Up Prize

Promised to a Dragon

Author:Selena Pigoni


Princess Rhiannon flees her new fiancé after her father breaks her previous engagement to a dragon. Along the way, she meets a bard who shows her a world of magic. He wins her heart, but can he save her from the dragon’s wrath and the jealous fiancé?

The Young Lady Is the Substitute Harvest Goddess



Demeter Serraffield is dreading her apprenticeship to a lecherous nobleman. One night, she is summoned by a harvest goddess from another world... but not to become a farmer, or even a hero. She has to be a harvest goddess too!

It’s Tough Being a Necromancer

Author:Jan Olexa


Edgar is an apprentice necromancer whose life is about to turn upside down. Join him as he faces horrors from this world and beyond – from bargaining with the dead to fleeing from the Church – all to fulfill his master's ever so unreasonable demands.

The Dragon and the Blade Saint: This Isn’t Where We End



Kill the Blade Saint, save her clan. This is the only thought in Mitaelshuroxa’s mind as she travels back in time to prevent the slaughter of the elder dragons at his hand. However, she’ll quickly find that nothing is ever as simple as it seems.

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