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False detection and malfunction by security for Android App Ver.4.0.12 and after

Some troubles were found due to strengthened security for BookWalker Android app ver.4.0.12 and after.

■False detection for Ver.4.0.12

Unnecessary files remained due to the OS specifications for devices which certain coindition (*) overlapp, and have resulted a false detection by the app's security.
(*) Conditions currently confirmed
· Installing application Ver.3.7.4, Ver.3.7.5, Ver.3.7.6 (including update) when using OS 4.0 series, 4.1 series
· Continued to update the app without uninstalling until installing Ver.4.0.12.

We sincerely apologize for causing inconvenience to unrelated customers. We will improve accuracy so that there will not be such problem in the future.
Google Play Store BOOK ☆ WALKER application page

■Access behavior from browser to error page due to security detection

When it is detected by security, it will access the error page from the browser when launching the application. For some devices, the browser starts up automatically even when the app is not being operated. If this phenomenon occurs, please follow the following steps to fix it:

1: Go to device's "Settings" → "Apps" → "BOOK ☆ WALKER"
2: Select "Force Stop"

■About strengthened security

Security has been improved for BookWalker Android Ver.4.0.12 and iOS version 4.0.12 released on June 13, 017.

[Examples which are detected by security]
· Rooted or jailbreaken
· Used rooting tool or have jailbreaken in the past and have not canceled it completely ※ This may be the case if you are using a second hand device.
· Installed tools that extends app functionality (includes non-BookWalker apps)
· Installed BookWalker app downloaded from other than Google Play Store and App Store ※There should be no problem if you are using the Android version apk file distributed on the BookWalker store.
· Installed an app related to rooting ※Apps that are distributed on the Google Play store and AppStore may also be detected by security if related to rooting.
· Launched app on the emulator
· Uses a custom ROM
· If you use a Chinese manufacturers' Android tablet, there are cases where the device is rooted by default at the timing of purchase.

[Recommended environment] * As of June 16, 2017
IOS 8 or after iPhone / iPad / iPod touch
※You may not use the app if the device has been jailbreaken.
※For iOS 6 and 7, we will end support with BookWalker app Ver. 4.0.x and will not work after 4.1.0.

· Android
Devices with 4.0 or after OS
※It can not be used with Intel CPU loaded models.
※We do not recommend parallel imported goods, including the above model which was the object of detection this time.

We will review recommended devices for both iOS and Android from time to time.

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